Thoughts on the Third

So issue 3 of Alien in the Outfield has gone to print and we're officially on the final straight as we head towards the book's conclusion. I'll be honest, this time last year we thought we'd be done by now. I don't really want to make excuses for that – save to say that making … Continue reading Thoughts on the Third


Issue Three ready to launch at Thought Bubble 2015!

We're super excited to announce the imminent launch of the penultimate issue of Alien in the Outfield. Issue three is set to debut at the Thought Bubble comic convention in Leeds on the weekend of 14-15 November. We had a great time at Thought Bubble last year and we hope you'll join us again this time … Continue reading Issue Three ready to launch at Thought Bubble 2015!

A post comic-con message

Hello! With the London Super Comic Con finished for another year, Mat and I would like to take the chance to thank you for meeting and chatting with us over the weekend. If you bought a copy of Alien in the Outfield #1, we really hope you liked it. If you didn't pick up a copy, … Continue reading A post comic-con message

Inked update!

Hi there sports fans! Just a quick update to let you know how we're getting on. At the moment, I'm taking scans of Mat's completed inks, copying the individual illustrations, arranging them over my initial sketches and drawing panels around them. The text and speech bubbles are also repositioned at this stage. I think the … Continue reading Inked update!

Hatching the Brain Eggs

Hi there. It's Jack. Thanks so much for stopping by, checking out the blog or liking the Facebook page. We appreciate it a lot. The following is a little update as to how we came up with our idea and how we're turning it into something tangible. I remember quite clearly how Mat and I … Continue reading Hatching the Brain Eggs