Building Worlds: How to Make Comics!

We’re super proud to announce the Kickstarter launch of the long awaited follow up to Alien in the Outfield!

Building Worlds: How to Make Comics is a guide that teaches readers of all ages the basics of comic book storytelling. It’s a whole new spin on the spin-off, as we meet up with lovable loser Rendell, 10 years after the original adventure, who’s now trying (and failing) to make it big in the world of comics.

It’s a whole new adventure but don’t worry, there’s plenty of easter eggs and callbacks to Alien in the Outfield – and a heap more suprises – along the way!

Teaming up with the precocious Maggie, who wants to learn how to tell her own stories, the pair get lost in a fantastical world of their own creation – where anything they imagine can come to life. This is the setting for what becomes an instructional guide for young readers who want to know how to make their own comic books. Using the skills and techniques taught in the book, the story can only be completed – and our heroes can only find their way home – with the help of the reader. It’s Grant Morrison vibes for the Teen Titans Go generation! A fourth-wall-shattering book that entertains and informs!

Our comic book tutorial is told in form of a comic book adventure as our heroes must master the storytelling superpowers of comic book art and writing to overcome evil robot overlords, rampaging dinosaurs and find their way back home to 1996!
Lost in the comic book dimension, Maggie and Rendall must figure out a way to draw their journey home…and pay attention because along the way they are going to need the help of YOU, fearless reader!

Trapped in a comic book world, our intrepid explorers guide the reader on a crash course in comic book creation as they find their way home. Our tutorial on the basics of storytelling, structure and artwork are (fairly) seamlessly woven into the narrative so that the reader can learn along with Rendall and Maggie. We haven’t forgotten our older readers and hope that they will enjoy plenty of twists, turns and laughs along the way!

You can be among the very first readers of the new book if you support us on our Kickstarter page – along with some very exciting rewards! Find out more on this link!


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