Alien in the Outfield: The Graphic Novel!

Roswell, New Mexico, 1986. 14 year old Joel Horovitz is lonely, bullied and alienated. In an effort to make some new friends, he joins the Roswell Rockets – the worst little league baseball team in the state. But Joel’s life and the fortunes of the Roswell Rockets are about to change forever when he encounters a runaway alien who just so happens to have an incredible talent for baseball…

Packed with homages to the best (and worst) of 1980s pop-culture, Alien in the Outfield is a comic book for fans of adventure, comedy, sporting underdogs and sci-fi of all ages. Step up to the plate and get ready for a comic book caper that’s out of this world!

Alien in the Outfield was a four-part all-ages comic book serial from writer Jack Kirby and artist Mat Barnett. It should be pointed out right from the start that Jack Kirby is not the late legendary Marvel creator with whom he serendipitously shares a name – but an all-new Jack Kirby who happens to have the advantage of being very much alive. You can read more about the creators here.

Following a successful Kickstarter, Alien in the Outfield: The Graphic Novel collects the complete series of the alien sports adventure comic, remastered, expanded and in full colour for the first time!

Alien in the Outfield is an all-ages book in the truest sense of the words; Jack and Mat hope that kids will love Alien’s grumpy demeanour and antics whilst ‘bigger kids’ will recognise the nostalgic elements of the comic and enjoy the gently knowing nods towards Eighties pop culture.

Reviews for Alien in the Outfield:

Alien in the Outfield channels the spirit of sporting glory from Teen Wolf, mixes in a little of the ‘lovably relatable outsider’ from E.T. and comes up with a baseball story about an alien child who crash lands in middle America and becomes the MVP of the local little league team. There is little not to like about Kirby’s reverential writing and Barnett’s charming visuals.

John Townsend, Starburst Magazine 

Baseball. Aliens. The Eighties. Stir together in a bowl, add ink, paper and leave to cook for half an hour on a medium heat. The result? Alien in the Outfield. This light hearted, sci-fi/sports mash-up is great…especially for those who have just started getting into comics and want an easy, exciting read. 

Richard Axtell, Nerdly.co.uk

“It’s a fantastic first comic – Great for new readers, or parent-child bonding, to show them the appeal of comics.” – Mykethepullbox.com


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