By Jack Kirby-Lowe and Mat Barnett

BUILDING WORLDS: HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN COMIC BOOKS is a guide that teaches readers of all ages the basics of storytelling.

BUILDING WORLDS sneakily explains how to write and draw your own stories during a whole new adventure through parallel worlds for some of the characters from our previous book, ALIEN IN THE OUTFIELD! It’s a how-to guide and a spin-off rolled into one!

We catch up with lovable loser Rendell, who’s now trying to make it big in the world of comics. Teaming up with the precocious Maggie, who wants to learn how to tell her own stories, the pair get lost in a fantastical world of their own creation – where anything they imagine can come to life. Their journey home is the setting for what becomes an instructional guide for young readers who want to know how to make their own comic books. 

Using the skills and techniques taught in the book, the story can only be completed with the help of the reader. It’s Grant Morrison vibes for the Teen Titans Go generation! A fourth-wall-shattering book that entertains and informs!


ISBN 978-1-83853-351-9 / paperback / full colour / 52 pages / Outfield Press

Reviews for Alien in the Outfield:

Alien in the Outfield channels the spirit of sporting glory from Teen Wolf, mixes in a little of the ‘lovably relatable outsider’ from E.T. and comes up with a baseball story about an alien child who crash lands in middle America and becomes the MVP of the local little league team. There is little not to like about Kirby’s reverential writing and Barnett’s charming visuals.

John Townsend, Starburst Magazine 

Baseball. Aliens. The Eighties. Stir together in a bowl, add ink, paper and leave to cook for half an hour on a medium heat. The result? Alien in the Outfield. This light hearted, sci-fi/sports mash-up is great…especially for those who have just started getting into comics and want an easy, exciting read. 

Richard Axtell,

“It’s a fantastic first comic – Great for new readers, or parent-child bonding, to show them the appeal of comics.” –


Collect the set! Get your hands on TWO AWESOME BOOKS for a super double discount price of £16! INCLUDES: ALIEN IN THE OUTFIELD and spin-off sequel BUILDING WORLDS.



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