Time Travel, Easter Eggs and Getting Lost in a Rabbit Hole…

Alien in the Outfield mostly takes place in the summer of 1986. We initially conceived of the story as a forgotten eighties movie so it was always visualised as a period piece. The eighties was the decade of my actual childhood and – probably not coincidentally – the period I most associate with the classic … Continue reading Time Travel, Easter Eggs and Getting Lost in a Rabbit Hole…


Inked update!

Hi there sports fans! Just a quick update to let you know how we're getting on. At the moment, I'm taking scans of Mat's completed inks, copying the individual illustrations, arranging them over my initial sketches and drawing panels around them. The text and speech bubbles are also repositioned at this stage. I think the … Continue reading Inked update!

Drawing the line under barcodes

Hi Sports Fans! It’s your friendly neighbourhood pencil jockey and I’m here to talk to you about barcodes. I’m still not sure it should be me dealing with this particular bump in the road.  Nevertheless, I'm conceding this as a technicality: as Jack handles the words, I suppose it makes sense that it falls to … Continue reading Drawing the line under barcodes

Hatching the Brain Eggs

Hi there. It's Jack. Thanks so much for stopping by, checking out the blog or liking the Facebook page. We appreciate it a lot. The following is a little update as to how we came up with our idea and how we're turning it into something tangible. I remember quite clearly how Mat and I … Continue reading Hatching the Brain Eggs