Getting my ink on!

I’ve realised my initial approach to the art of Alien in the Outfield might just be a little old fashioned and possibly not the best way to hit our swiftly approaching deadlines. Using Jacks script and rough sketches as a guide, I pencil an oversize page layout on A4.  This means that when the final … Continue reading Getting my ink on!


Drawing the line under barcodes

Hi Sports Fans! It’s your friendly neighbourhood pencil jockey and I’m here to talk to you about barcodes. I’m still not sure it should be me dealing with this particular bump in the road.  Nevertheless, I'm conceding this as a technicality: as Jack handles the words, I suppose it makes sense that it falls to … Continue reading Drawing the line under barcodes

Alien in the Outfield at London Super Comic Con

Mat and Jack will be launching Alien in the Outfield at the London Super Comic Con on the 15th and 16th of March 2014.  We will be selling Issue 1 with a special guest artist variant cover - along with lots of other exciting surprises! You can find out more and buy tickets for the … Continue reading Alien in the Outfield at London Super Comic Con

Mat talks comics on the BBC

As you may be aware, Marvel recently announced that the Ms. Marvel mantle is to be inherited by a character named Kamala Khan, a Muslim-American teenage girl.   You would have thought that this would be an unlikely mainstream news story - especially considering the admirable diversity in gender, ethnicity and sexuality currently headlining titles from … Continue reading Mat talks comics on the BBC