Welcome back Sports Fans!

We’re proud, pleased and not-just-a-little relieved to announce the imminent release of Issue Two of Alien in the Outfield. It’s taken longer than we had hoped but it’s been a steep learning curve and we’ve been extremely busy since Issue One. Honest!

We may have slightly underestimated the amount of work it would take to be sole creators, editors, publishers, distributors and all-round solo hustlers of our comic book venture. Things have gotten much easier as we’ve built up a solid little network of contacts and colleagues, but this took some time as it’s darn difficult to network before you have anything to network with!

We have also taken our time to take careful note of all the Issue One feedback from readers and reviewers. We revisited the script and artwork based on what worked best in the first issue and what we felt didn’t quite hit home. Now we find ourselves stepping up to the plate for the second innings and we’re really excited about where things are going. We think the book is looking even better, we’ve found a style and a tone we really like and – following two surprise sell-out reprintings – we know we have actual real-life readers on board too!

Alien in the Outfield #2 will debut in print at Thought Bubble – The Leeds Comic Art Festival, November 15th-16th. Not only is it great experience to get the instant reaction from a convention floor but we’ve found that booking a con table and announcing the debut of a new book to great fanfare is a pretty compelling motivator to finish the issue on time!

As we are both expatriated Northerners, we’re particularly looking forward to taking the Alien up to Yorkshire. We’ve also heard great things about Thought Bubble so we hope at least some of you can make it there to see us. You can find us in the Thought Bubble Teepee – which somehow seems oddly appropriate.

As before, the Digital Download will be available in advance from this website on November 1st. All digital downloads are priced at whatever you think is fair. You are very welcome to try a free download of the first Issue to catch up – and we hope you’ll join us for the rest of the series! Visit our online store to find out more.

Alien in the Outfield #2 is the second of four issues in a limited series. Words by Jack RB Kirby, art by Mat Barnett, cover by Ayesha Khan. For further information, interviews or just to say hello, feel free to drop us an email. Likewise, let us know if you would like an advance low-res digital copy for review. For further information, you can download this useful Press Release.

Catch you all later and don’t forget you can follow our ongoing cosmic adventures in comics self-publishing and extra-terrestrial sports excitement on our Facebook and Twitter pages!


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