Online Shop Launch!

AO1 P1 (Cover)

You can now pre-order Alien in the Outfield: Issue One in physical or digital download format from our Shop page! 1st printing of all issues is limited to 150 copies and will be signed by both creators!  Digital Download of Issue One is available at a cost of whatever-you-think-is-fair!

As we get closer to the launch of Issue One, we’ve been overwhelmed with suggestions of online marketplace sites where we can bring our comic to a wider audience.  We’ll be sharing our thoughts on some of these soon but in the meantime it was important that we established our own low cost, low maintenance shop on this website so that you can buy the comic directly from us.

E-commerce market leader Shopify has a great user-friendly storefront interface but is closer to a total web-shop solution. Whilst it is affordable, we would still have been paying for many more features than we needed.

We also considered Big Cartel – an economical shopping cart solution targeted at independent artists and designers.  Not quite as slick as Shopify – but somehow heaps hipper – Big Cartel seemed a more appropriate choice for our quirky little venture.  However, whilst smaller in scale, it again felt like a Big Cartel shop would result in yet another separate web presence.  On top of this website – along with our Facebook and Twitter accounts, along with whatever hot new social media platform was bubbling under this week – this might have been a needless step too far.  Thankfully, it was then we stumbled upon Gumroad.  Like Big Cartel, this site favours independent artists and creatives – although it is designed as a very simple and straightforward plug-in for creators to sell directly from their own sites.  Even better, we can host and share our digital downloads from our Gumroad site and completely automate our pay-what-you-like digital distribution.


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