Alien in the Outfield is a four-part all-ages comic book serial from writer Jack Kirby and artist Mat Barnett. It should be pointed out right from the start that Jack Kirby is not the late legendary Marvel creator with whom he serendipitously shares a name – but an all-new Jack Kirby who happens to have the advantage of being very much alive. You can read more about the creators here.

Jack and Mat discovered a shared enthusiasm for comic book storytelling, eighties movies and aliens. These three key ingredients came together to form the basis for this miniseries concerning the adventures of a pre-teen alien with anger management issues, who finds himself stranded on Earth and whose possible salvation lies in little league baseball.

This is the first time both creators have attempted a wholly self-published venture and this website has followed the development of the comic, from idea to actuality. Whilst the comic is in production, we intend to keep a gonzo diary of our ill-informed attempts to handle every aspect of the creation, production, distribution and marketing of our little comic. We’ll be sharing art, script and all the inevitable furious correspondence with printers and service providers that we have time to blog. We hope that – in time – this site might not only become a vindication of the independent can-do spirit – but might even result in a useful resource for other creators who are following the same path.

And so, dear reader, in a gesture of equal parts service to the independent comic community and optimistic self-promotion, Jack and Mat hope you will enjoy sharing their cosmic adventure in comics self-publishing and extra-terrestrial sports excitement!

Reviews for Alien in the Outfield:

“Great for a younger audience, especially for those who have just started getting into comics and want an easy, exciting read.” – Richard AxtellNerdly.co.uk

“Alien in the Outfield channels the spirit of sporting glory from Teen Wolf, mixes in a little of the “lovably relatable outsider” from E.T. and comes up with a baseball story about an alien child who crash lands in middle America and becomes the MVP of the local little league team. There is little not to like about Kirby’s reverential writing and Barnett’s charming visual.” – John Townsend, Starburst Magazine

“It’s a fantastic first comic – Great for new readers, or parent-child bonding, to show them the appeal of comics.” – Mykethepullbox.com



One thought on “About

  1. I’m writing back to Mat & Jack to wish them well and praise ’em,
    I can tell their clientele will read things that amaze ’em.
    I can’t wait to contemplate the actions of their creature…
    Or to see much more for sure in their first comic feature.
    Will it metamorphosize or stay quite small and grumpy?
    Or will it grow and start to show new shapes not short and stumpy?
    Whatever they have got in mind I’m certain it’s exciting,
    With Mat the artist teaming up with Jack the wordsmith, writing!
    (Best of luck to you both from Mat’s Dad)

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